How to write a good Comment

Hi Everyone

Do you ever wonder how to write a good comment and if it is offensive or not if you do I have a great way that always works?

C- communicate like you are writing a letter

O- offer new information and don’t criticize

M- mention your URL so they can check out your blog

M- Make sure you do not come across as sarcastic or mean; read your blog before you post

E- evaluate what they have written

N- never correct punctuation or spelling because English might not be their first language

T- Take advice knowing the person who wrote the comment meant to help you not criticise

Hope you like my advice


About Me

Hi everyone

My name is Nessie and I am 11 years old. I have 1 brother and two sisters and live in Australia. I am not sure what I will be blogging about yet but I am really looking forward to blogging with you

Some of the things I like are the color purple, pizza, cooking, Horse Riding and Sport. Someday I would like to own my own horse and be a professional horse rider, but if I can not do that I would like to be an interior designer.

Hope we will be seeing each other’s blog,

From Nessie


one-hundred word writing challenge

BOOM, I tripped at the sound of a tank exploding behind me, but when you grow up during a war and in poverty there are a lot of things that will scare you. The sound of the war raging around you and the bellow of soldiers dying and that’s not half of it. While I run from the sound of the tanks behind me, I stumble then trip over the wet ground before I fall. I have a sudden memory that comes and goes just like that. A woman screaming my name, a sound that I have not heard since I was three. Finally, I know my mother.